Hello my Dears,

Today we're releasing Story Architect 0.2.0!  As it was planned, our main focus was to improve the app’s performance and enhance the existing functions.

Of course it ain’t all that we've been doing for the past 15 days :)

Like every other human being we ate, prayed and loved! We did a lot of sports and finally found a way to accept payments!

Now you can pay for the PRO version

Starting with version 0.2.0, you are now able to buy the precious PRO license!

Moreover, until the end of June we are giving you a 50% discount for a lifetime PRO license. You are our early birds!

You can activate your trial period or buy a subscription in your account in the app. To do so, please open the menu and select "Login", enter your e-mail address and confirm it with the code.

The free PRO subscription will continue up to the end of June and starting from July you will only be able to activate the 30 days free PRO version once.

Recycle bin

Another small innovation in Story Architect 0.2.0 is the bin where you find all your deleted files. Minimalistic & useful :)

Here's the list of improvements we’ve made

- Improved rendering of the project poster in the list of recent ones;
- Confirmation of hiding of the project from the Recent List has been added to exclude accidental clicks;
- The mechanism for saving data from the scene title has been improved, if the scene title does not correspond to the standard form "INT. LOCATION - DAY";
- In treatment mode:the scene title bar will not be saved as a location, allowing you to give scenes readable names without cluttering up the location list;
- In screenplay mode: the scene title bar will be saved entirely as a location, allowing you to work with subtitles, making the script text cleaner while allowing you to navigate between subtitles, as well as more accurate statistics;
- The option to display the bit description in the script navigator is retained between sessions;
- Enhanced appearance of the bit description panel for more accurate indication - whether the bit is set at the current cursor position or not;
- Added processing of ENTER key at the beginning and in the middle of the bit;
- Finalized insertion of the text from the clipboard into the treatment document;
- Text scenery rendering in the script editors has been optimized. Now the response is considerably faster when working with large texts;
- The first page number can be now hidden in the text editor;
- Improved positioning of the cursor within the page split when creating double dialogs;
- Improved left / right key handling on page split;
- Added an option to set whether to display character list tooltips in a blank paragraph;
- Windows installer will now warn you if the app cannot be installed if it is open on your computer at that moment. It will now ask you to close the app;
- Mac OS X app in an archive now has a full name;
- Fixed an issue with reconnecting to the server. Now connection indicator will not bounce in the corner of the screen when waking up the computer and turning on / off VPN;
- Fixed an issue with positioning the cursor in the script editor when there are bits in it;
- Fixed an issue with image search in cover generator when entering multiple words;
- Fixed an issue with moving documents inside audio plays and plays;
- Fixed the color of highlighted items in the audio play, comic book and script navigator;
- Fixed an app crash when adding scenes at the end of a treatment plan;
- Fixed an issue with undoing the last action when a single paragraph of text was left in the document;
- Fixed an app crash when undoing large text changes;
- Fixed an issue with deleting the paragraph following a page break;
- Various issues with deleting selected text within which a page break is inserted have been fixed;
- Fixed an issue with scene header jumps when switching between treatment and script text;
- Fixed an issue when exporting the script text with the title page if it has never been edited;
- An issue with pasting the color code from the clipboard into the color picker has been fixed;
- Improved interaction with toolbars that have dropdown lists.

Of course, we still have work to do and we will continue improving every detail of the app. We strongly believe that all together we can create the most convenient, the most beautiful, and of course the most useful tool for storytellers! 

Dear all, thank you very much for your support and participation! You inspire us.

There's more to come. The next step for us is to create a cloud service so all the data between different devices can be synchronized and you will be able to work on your projects on various gadgets at the same time.

I believe we’ll meet again soon celebrating a new release! See you soon!

Join our community of users & activate your free access to PRO & TEAM versions of Story Architect! We invite you to download and try all the functions for free and give us your feedback. Let's make the best software for writers together!