Hello, darlings!

It’s time for the Story Architect 0.3.0 release and I am in such a festive mood again!

In fact, every release we do is a little holiday. And we arrange it for you, gifts and good mood guaranteed ;)


The major innovation of version 0.3.0 is the script statistics module.

From now on, you have many more options for analyzing and controlling your scripts. You can open it as usual by double-clicking on the statistics item in the project navigator, or by clicking exactly on the arrow that is drawn on it.


Story Architect is able to collect a variety of project stats. These are the basic ones:  
- Script summary
- A list of scenes and its extended version with the characters of each scene (as well as notes on the number of character lines and their first appearance)
- A list of locations and an expanded version with a grouping of scenes by time of action and details of each scene
- Statistics on characters, showing the occupancy of characters and the number of their lines in the script.
- Also, a new, but now almost industry-standard report with a gender analysis

In addition to simply viewing the reports, you can save all project information as an Excel file, which allows you to use these statistics even outside of the application.


In addition to statistical reports, STARC now has the ability to visualize your script in the form of graphs.

A structural analysis of the story clearly shows the ratios of cue duration and action in each scene, as well as the quantitative characteristics of the characters.

And the character activity graph will show which characters and in which scene appear in your script at the same time.


As promised, in this release we have expanded the capabilities of the script cards module. Now they can be arranged in columns. Each act forms a new column and, of course, cards, as well as acts can be rearranged on the board.

To activate the column layout for cards, you just need to select the appropriate icon in the upper right corner of the sidebar of the card appearance settings.

Also, you can now add tags for each card.

Other improvements

In spite of the fact that this release was almost entirely devoted to work on the new functionality, some points were still improved:
- When splitting the application window into two panels, the second panel now automatically opens the same document that was opened in the first panel
- Scene cards now display the timing
- To split a scene paragraph into two columns, you can now use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D (Command+D for macOS)
- Import of script text from KIT Scenarist projects is improved; now the color, title, stamp and scene description will be read from there
- The U.S. script template is improved to fully match the standard Final Draft settings
- An ability to transfer any local project to the cloud is added (to do this, call the context menu of the project in the list of recent projects and select the appropriate item)
- A spelling dictionary for the Asturian language is added
- An issue with bit timing calculation in some cases is fixed
- An issue with indenting paragraphs that should go at the beginning of the page is fixed
- An issue with deleting document versions is fixed
- An issue with importing uppercase text paragraphs from DOCX files that were perceived as "Plain Text" is fixed
- An issue with copying HASH of a custom theme through the context menu of a theme is fixed
- An issue with drawing of remarks brackets for paragraphs that contain RTL&LTR-directed text is fixed
- An issue with displaying page numbers for the Hebrew template is fixed
- Various problems with export of RTL directional text to DOCX are fixed
- Multiple statistics problems that caused application to crash are fixed
- An issue with exporting a script when a script statistic is open on the screen is fixed

Whoa, that was powerful!

I want to express my tremendous support to everyone for your participation and endless faith in our joint project! Thank you guys!

What's next? Next, we're planning a release to improve stability and fix a few little things. But don't worry, we will by no means leave you without presents by the time the next version comes out! ;)

See you soon!

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