Hi, guys! :)

Welcome to the New Year's Eve release of Story Architect 0.3.4 with tools for creating story worlds, speech consistency checker, and other improvements.

Creating worlds

Yes! Now you can not only create and manage characters and locations, but also create entire worlds and describe their structure in details, for a deeper elaboration of your work.

The principle of operating the module of worlds is completely identical to the modules of characters and locations. In order to create a new world, you just need to click the "Add Document" button and select the appropriate element in the dialogue that appears.

You can create as many worlds as you want, work out their details and even draw a world map of your story.

Do you feel how your possibilities are growing with this update? :)

Speech consistency checker

Ready to see what your characters say in every episode of the first season? Then go ahead and master the new tool that will give us a glimpse of them!

In order to see all character's lines, you have to select that character in the list, and then switch to the appropriate module in the top bar (to the right of the menu button).

All his/her lines in each of the screenplays of the current project will appear on the screen (and if you have not only screenplays in your project, but also comics and podcasts in the same universe, the character's lines will be shown for each of them).

If you click on a line (or on a scene title), the program will send you to the appropriate place in the text. And to make it more convenient to work with this tool, you can split the screen into two panels (option in the upper right corner of the navigator - split window), and then by clicking on a line you open the text in the adjacent panel, where you can organize the navigation through the replicas.

Other improvements

Like every update, this one, as well, has its own little list of improvements and fixes. Here it is:

  • update download error handling has been implemented, now the app displays an error correctly if the update could not be downloaded;
  • lists of characters and locations doesn't appear in the project structure until the first character or location is created;
  • poster generator is improved;
  • text exposure customization is added;
  • an ability to upload additional photos is added;
  • the mechanism of automatic text correction on page breaks is improved;
  • cursor synchronization when working with cards and the script text is added, now you do not lose the current context when switching between the editors;
  • the algorithm for determining the contrasting colors is improved (now the text, which is rendered on colored elements, such as cards, tags on cards, etc. is read better);
  • the appearance of the dialogue window of adding new documents is changed;
  • operation of the color picker in Windows is improved;
  • an issue with inability to undo more than one last action in some cases is fixed;
  • an issue with refreshing the navigator toolbar when switching between the panels in the double-panel mode is fixed;
  • an inaccuracy in statistical reports is fixed;
  • sorting scenes by order in a screenplay for the location report is added;
  • counting the number of scenes and lines for character profiles and gender analysis is added;
  • identifying silent characters for character profiles is added;
  • a crash when inserting text with comments from the clipboard is fixed;
  • a crash when inserting text from the clipboard into a scene with beats is fixed;
  • an issue with inserting multiline text into text fields that don't support line breaks is fixed;
  • an issue with splitting the beat into two parts in the scene editor is fixed;
  • a problem with project file update when switching from the old versions to the new ones is fixed;
  • an application crash when working with the character/location map after searching for all the characters/locations in the text is fixed;
  • an issue with importing .fountain files if there are empty lines at the beginning of the file is fixed;
  • switching between panels in a two-window mode is improved;
  • a problem with applying changes in options for modules opened in separate windows is fixed;
  • a crash when inserting the text with duplicated dialogues (the usual dialogues for the comics, plays and audio plays) in some cases is fixed;
  • a crash when deleting documents from Recycle Bin in some cases is fixed.

Plans for 2023

The first thing we will do is to raise the price of the PRO Lifetime subscription by 50% from January 1st. That means there are only 5 days left to catch up and become a happy licensee. PRO Lifetime not only opens up access to the advanced features of the app, but also provides a permanent 20% discount on the TEAM subscriptions. Invest in the future today!

As for the app development plan, we have three main directions for 2023 that we will be working hard on:

1. Stabilization and optimization of the app

The priority of the year will be fixing all the detected problems, increasing the speed of the application while working with texts and other data of any size.

2. Mobile version

We're going to create a full-fledged mobile version of the application which will be almost as good in functionality as its older brother. And this will require a lot of resources, which we plan to involve the next year.

3. Ecosystem for authors

In the new year, we plan to introduce a platform which will give additional opportunities for sharing writing experience, for presentation and promotion of your projects, as well as for talent scouting.

Anything else?

Yes! There's so much more! We're going to add features for prose authors in the coming year, to experiment with artificial intelligence, and of course, to add new useful tools for your creativity!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends!

Join our community of users & activate your free access to PRO & TEAM versions of Story Architect! We invite you to download and try all the functions for free and give us your feedback. Let's make the best software for writers together!